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Adventure Photography

Capturing Moments No One Else Can!

Book an Adventure Photography Consultation

Have a look at the different packages we offer below become a member and book a free appointment so I can find out more about what YOU want, and lets make YOUR vision come to life!


Buy a gift card in order to help a family member or friends adventures come to life!


Family Packages

Quinton is the only adventure based photographer between Brisbane & Gold Coast, that focuses on capturing candid moments  in the midst of adventure. To know that your family is in safe hands Quinton, your photographer, is a father, athlete and a highly experienced adventurer who has completed many single and multi day through hikes across the world. Quinton also loves a dad joke or two but is still working on this! 

We would like to provide this experience to families who are passionate about the outdoors or those who would like to step outside of your comfort zone with your family and immerse yourselves in some of the most breathtaking scenery that your local region has to offer. Along the way Quinton will capture beautiful candid family photos and moments of your own adventures! 

If this sounds like something your family would like to experience please contact us or book online to set up a meeting to discuss how we can help bring to life your family’s next adventure!

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Buisness Packages

These packages are designed to meet the needs of brands or businesses looking to capture their amazing products and events. These packages can include photography and videography.


Solo Packages

These are packages designed to meet the needs of influencers, athletes, or individuals who are looking to either promote their own personal brand or their personal sponsors brands.

Benefits of Adventure

Below are just some of the benefits Adventure photography can have on your life:

  1. Inspire exploration and curiosity: Adventure photos can inspire people to step out of their comfort zones and explore new places and experiences. This can lead to a sense of curiosity and wonder, which can help individuals feel more engaged and connected to the world around them.

  2. Boost mood and reduce stress: Looking at adventure photos can help individuals experience positive emotions and reduce stress levels. Adventure photos can transport viewers to beautiful and exciting locations, providing a temporary escape from the demands and stresses of daily life.

  3. Encourage physical activity: Adventure photos can inspire people to get outside and engage in physical activity, which is essential for maintaining physical health and well-being. For example, photos of hiking, rock climbing, or surfing can inspire people to try these activities themselves, leading to increased physical fitness and improved mental health.

  4. Foster a sense of connection: Adventure photos can help individuals feel connected to others who share similar interests and passions. This can lead to a sense of community and belonging, which can contribute to overall well-being.

In summary, adventure photos can contribute to human well-being by inspiring exploration and curiosity, boosting mood and reducing stress, encouraging physical activity, and fostering a sense of connection.

 Book a consultation with us so we can add this value to your life!

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