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30 Days of Free Running Tips

I understand that no one wants to join anything or give anyone anyone any of their hard earned money if they don't think its going to benefit them.

So here is 30 days of free running tips to see if this will suit you.

Join Our Running Community

We don't want to make valuable information expensive we want everyone to have access to it so join our community for the price of one coffee a month for exclusive running information tools and resources.

Download the skool APP once you join and access it straight from your phone!



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The Roots

This is the base and structure of my coaching platform. Its the base structure that I have tested and created over the years in which all athletes will follow in order to know where they currently are in their journey and set their sites on where they want to get to with their running.

Its based of some of the best practices in running, and methodologies from some of the best coaches in the world with a long term adaptive approach in order to decrease chances of injury and allow the body the most possible time to adapt to increase in running mileage which is ultimately the number one predictor of running performance.


 Book a meeting with Quinton to find learn more about it. Meetings are always free and he would love to help out even if it doesn't result in coaching.

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The Tree

Every tree in the ground on this earth is different, just like every human on this earth. Once the basis of the training program is set this is where my knowledge as a coach and your knowledge of your own body and lifestyle comes into action. Together we will make appropriate and weekly adjustments to adapt your training program based on your unique individualistic needs. We will take a holistic approach considering the below factors:



- Sleep, lifestyle stress, recovery modalities and more


- Eat lots, Eat variety, and Eat whole. 


- Pre and post run reflections, goal setting, performance standards, self efficacy, visualisation. 


- Training sessions, form, strength, balance, tissue tolerance.


- Equipment, pre and post race/training tips and tricks.

For anyone to achieve the goals they set for themselves these factors must be considered and accounted for if you wish to make the process a smooth and enjoyable one. I will help you navigate these areas in order to give you the best possible chance to get where you want to go.

If you like to find out more get in touch below and we can go through the athlete screening process.

Your Coach

My Name is Quinton Gill I am a Father, Partner, Son, Friend, Adventurer, and Athlete. I have spent the last 29 years of my life doing what makes me happy and pushing myself to the limits in everything I can get my hands on. I have also been helping others do this for the past 15 years. As a coach, educator, personal trainer, and friend. My urge to learn more about the human body and its limits is what has driven me to help the people around me both physically and mentally.

As I moved through the years I... like everyone else have been trying to figure out what brings me absolute joy and passion. And now I know exactly what it is...


As humans we have been running since the day we were born. Running is not something that we should be afraid to do, it's as crucial to the human condition as breathing. It is woven into our DNA and EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE can run! Running allows us to see amazing places to appreciate our amazing world, stay fit and healthy for our kids and family, spend time and connect with others, and challenge us in a way that allows us to grow both physically and mentally.


But unfortunately over the years a lot of us have lost touch with our most innate ability... and that's where I come in! I know how much running has changed and improved my life, it's a part of who I am and once I fully embraced that was when things started to get easier. I have spent the last 8 year studying, listening, experiencing and embracing the best coaches, teachers, books, events, podcasts, and people to find out more about the human body and it's ability to run... and ultimately learning more about myself.

Whether you are someone who hasn't been running since you were young, have been on a roller coaster of injuries, or have been hitting a plateau. I am here to help you on your journey. My coaching is more than just a cookie cutter training program its based on all of my learnings over the years then tailored and adapted towards YOU. The focus is unlocking YOUR full running potential through everything you do. Your job, lifestyle, nutrition, sleep, recovery, emotions, movement patterns.

If running is something you enjoy or something you'd like to enjoy then let's get you on that path to rediscovering your true potential and help you to "run with the earth, not on it"

Quinton Gill 


Experience and Qualifications

Why you can trust you are only receiving the best


Bachelor's Degree in Human Kinetics with specialisation in social sciences
Graduate Diploma in Education (Sciences and physical Education)

I studied 4 years at Ottawa University in Canada to achieve a degree in Human Kinetics and Social sciences. I Traveled to Australia where I currently live to get my Graduate diploma in education specialising in physical education and the sciences.


Semi Professional Endurance Athlete

I am a sponsored endurance athlete with Hammer Nutrition and compete in events around Australia. I have been training for the past 8 years now as a runner. I have competed in over 100 races from 5k to ultra marathon to 24 hour events to OCR to bi athalon and triathalon. 


CSEP (Canadian Society Of Exercise Physiology)
Athletics Australia - Level 2 Club Coach

After my bachelors degree I applied and did my programming for the most prestigious personal training and exercise physiology certification in Canada CSEP. Upon coming to Australia and working with youth athletes in cross country and athletics I received my Level 2 Club Coach certification with Athletics Australia


Endurance Achievements

 - 2x Australian Spartan National Champion

- Team OCR 24 Hour World Champion 

- 3 x FKT Holder

- Ran 113 kms in under 12 hours for charity

- Over 50 podiums in trail running, OCR, and road running.

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